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Black Catholic Initiative
:: Department of Parish Life and Formation
 The Drum - July 2015 Minimize

The July issue of The Drum is deliberately simplified to communicate that there is plenty good room for us to determine what we want to do together going forward.

The leadership of Archbishop Cupich brings to the forefront the principles of subsidiarity and decentralization.  The BCI is merely an opportunity to follow his lead.  The more we pray for him and work with him; the better off we will be as church.   We joined the church.  We signed up for this.  We said “Amen”.

We bring gifts.  Gifts are for giving and receiving.  To this end, the BCI is an opportunity for us work together because of a common belief and for a common cause.  We are twice called to that work, by birth and by baptism.  This is how we come to be black and Catholic.  This unique identity is the strength that we bring as we take our rightful place in the church and the world.

The BCI is us rolling up our sleeves, flexing our muscles and getting our hands dirty and doing our part of the work of the whole church.

From the beginning I am here to work with you and thank you for working with me.

Expressing thanks is the only thing I am willing to do alone.  For everything else, as the Catholics say, “Let us pray”.

Fr. David A. Jones

- July issue of The Drum


 National Black Catholic Marriage Symposium Minimize


A Unique Gift of Blackness - Black Catholic Initiative